Barbara Rogan's Next Level Workshop


Novels are not written to sit in drawers, unread by all but their creators. Stories need to be told; that is their nature. And writers yearn to be read.

This is an online workshop for writers who have done the hard part - writing a novel and editing it to a fare-thee-well - and now face the harder part - getting it published. This task can seem daunting. The days when you could just slip a manuscript over the transom to Mr. Doubleday or Mr. Lippincott are long gone. These days the major publishers acquire books only through literary agents, and getting an agent can be as tough as getting a publisher. Electronic submissions have opened a floodgate; agents received thousands of submissions a year, out of which they may choose three or four new clients. Attention must be paid, as Arthur Miller wrote; the question is, "How?"

This workshop will assist writers in preparing a submission package that is compelling and professional. Barbara Rogan, a former literary agent and editor, will lead the workshop. In addition to written guidelines and instructions, participants will have the opportunity to submit query letters and synopses and then to revise them in response to critiques. There will be three online sessions of one week each. Class size is limited to eight, and tuition is $275 USD; returning students receive a 10% discount. Students who enroll but decide that the course is not right for them can withdraw and receive a refund of the full tuition less the registration fee, provided they do so within one week of the start date. The next workshop is scheduled for the winter of 2015. To apply, or for additional information, please contact Barbara.