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Suspicion by Barbara Rogan “…SUSPICION had its way with me from start to finish... Chores went undone, meals went unmade, phone messages unanswered until I finished… Hypnotic… If you can put this book down before you’ve finished it, it’s possible that your heart may have stopped beating.”-- The Washington Post

 “Rogan’s smart reinvention of the haunted housewife, mad or menaced or both, is a honey…. Like Shirley Jackson, Rogan brings sophistication, skillful writing and subtlety to the business of ghosts.”—The San Francisco Chronicle

 “Rogan’s best so far…a winning, flat-out all-nighter…Strong characterizations…suck the reader with unerring skill into the joys of total entertainment.”—Kirkus Reviews

 “Rogan weaves classic mystery and ghost story elements together with modern computer technologies to create a novel that twists and turns right up to the end… A pleasure to read.…This could be her breakout book.” –Library Journal

 “This absorbing tale is artfully told, with cleverly integrated subplots,…rising suspense, and vividly nuanced characters who come alive through snappy, irreverent dialogue.”—Publishers Weekly

 “…Fine prose, interesting ideas, and glimpses of the genuinely unearthly in an unexpected venue: a haunting conducted via the computer!”—Locus

Rowing in Eden by Barbara Rogan“Lively and sympathetic writing… highly engaging characters… a beguiling portrait of love lost and found and selfhood redeemed.”—San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

“Rogan’s heartwarming tale of guilt, redemption, new beginning, and burgeoning relationships makes us marvel at her ability to seen so well into the souls of her characters.”—Library Journal

“Compelling and moving… wonderful storytelling.”—Whitney Otto, author of How To Make an American Quilt.


A Heartbeat Away by Barbara Rogan“Evocative… entertaining… combines tart, crisp prose with just a touch of magic realism.”—San Francisco Chronicle.

“Vivid as lightning bolts. Barbara Rogan… is evidence that writers are born, not made.”—Carol Strickland, New York Times.

“Dramatic and moving…you’ll be easy prey for A HEARTBEAT AWAY.”—Washington Post.




Saving Grace by Barbara Rogan“Comfortably packed with complications and characters so that readers are quickly enmeshed and will be staying up all hours to see what happens next…what “Bonfire of the Vanities” tried to be.”—Library Journal

“Intelligent, absorbing…sheer enjoyment.”—Publishers Weekly






Cafe Nevo by Barbara Rogan“An inspired, passionate work of fiction… a near-magical novel.”—Kirkus Review

“A wonderful novel…vivid…unforgettable.”—San Francisco Chronicle

“Fresh, funny, tragic, violent, sexy, mystical and romantic… Barbara Rogan’s style is utterly engaging… works beautifully.”—Christian Science Monitor

“From the very first line of CAFÉ NEVO we are in the hands of a real storyteller. Barbara Rogan writes with compelling grace.”—Alice Hoffman

“Indeed a wonderful novel…with richly developed characters acting and interacting… the café and its clients will long remain in memory.”—Madeleine L’Engle



Changing States by Barbara Rogan“Exceptionally evocative…morally complex.”—The New York Times

“Breathless with excitement…an important political statement.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“Heartbreak, horror, and fierce love…”—Kirkus Reviews

“A portrait of a remarkable heroine.”—The Chattanooga Times



Hindsight by Barbara Rogan “A subtle exercise in psychological suspense that brings new meaning to the word ‘retro’! The strands of the story lead from high-school to adulthood, and join the characters in a tightening web of memory, lust, and obligation—a web in which one of them lurks at the center, cruel and patient as a spider. A real can't-put-it-down ending, too!" —Diana Gabaldon, author of THE FIERY CROSS

“Rogan is deft at distinguishing a slew of characters… She also nails the passion and angst of the high school years and the yearnings to resurrect the deep friendships made during that time.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“…a marvelous book, highly, highly recommended. Rogan has done a superior job… Suspenseful and evocative… This book is a rare one, gripping and mesmerizing— New Mystery Reader

"HINDSIGHT is deliciously chilling and clever. This sly, smooth novel is entertaining, engrossing, and perceptive." —Sarah Lovett, author of DARK ALCHEMY and ACQUIRED MOTIVES