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From the desk of Barbara Rogan:

Welcome to the Next Level Workshop, my online school of writing. My name is Barbara Rogan, and my entire career has been spent in publishing: as a literary agent, an editor, and an author. My eight novels have been published in the U.S. by Simon & Schuster, Doubleday, Morrow, and NAL, and have been translated into a dozen languages. I've taught fiction writing courses at Hofstra University and SUNY Farmingdale, but most of my teaching is now done online at Writers Digest online school and in my own Next Level Workshop.

The Next Level Workshops are courses for aspiring and published fiction writers devoted to advancing their work by improving their mastery of the craft. I believe there is no better way to sell your stories than to make the stories better. My students have included writers working on their first novels and published authors determined to keep growing. I teach fiction writers in all genres, including young adult and short stories. I lead all workshops myself and keep the numbers small to ensure that each student receives my full attention.

I also offer individual consultations to writers who have a completed manuscript and want either a professional evaluation with editing guidelines or a full-fledged edit. Working with a professional editor entails a serious commitment of time and money, and it can be difficult to know in advance what you're getting. Is the fit right? Does the editor's advice resonate, or does it lead you in a direction you never intended to go? For help making that decision, please see my special get acquainted offer.

I invite you to explore this site: hear from former students, read about the workshop, learn more about my background and my books. To be notified of upcoming writing courses or explore the possibility of a manuscript evaluation,contact me and I'll gladly get back to you. Thanks for stopping by.

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